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Blogging Toolbox »

A comprehensive list of blogging resources:

Blogging Toolbox: 120+ Resources for Bloggers

And here’s one more list of over 80 tools and resources to help improve your blogging experience:

The Ultimate Blogger’s Toolbox


Ben Cope

Make Internet TV »

Interested in creating your own video podcast or internet TV show, but don’t know where to start? The MakeInternetTV guide has step-by-step instructions for shooting, editing, and publishing online videos that can be watched and subscribed to by millions of people!

Helpful Links:

MITVWiki – a library of information about publishing video on the internet. – How-to articles, downloadable templates, video tutorials, and all kinds of useful information for making web videos

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us »

The following video I discovered at … A very well-done visual explanation of Web 2.0! As Melanie pointed out on her blog, I think this video will blow you away.

And just think … this video (added to YouTube on January 31, 2007) already has well over 3 million views!!

Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization »

If you’re looking to achieve top-ten results in Google, Yahoo! or MSN (the Big Three), there are a few things you can do on your own to optimize your site, without having to pay top dollar to a SEO firm.

Begin by reading this article from to familiarize yourself with the basics: Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Next, conduct a keyword analysis to identify which keywords you should be targeting. Be sure to include these keywords in the meta tags of your site, and also write relevant page descriptions for each page on your site.

Finally, spend at least 20-30 minutes each day actively seeking out sites where you can get backlinks to your website. A great place to start would be to submit your site to as many different web directories as you can find (some are free and some are paid). You could also spend just a little time each day in the blogosphere, leaving your comments with a link back to your site.

Achieving a number one position in the search engines is not something you can do overnight! Your results will be far better if you consistently spend 20-30 minutes per day than if you simply spend one entire day optimizing your site!

Ben Cope

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Copyright »

If you have your own website or blog and you are responsible for obtaining content for that site, you need to pay close attention to copyright law!

No, it is not always okay to simply save any image you find on the internet doing a Google Image search!!

Be careful always to give credit where credit is due, and never simply copy an entire article from someone else’s website – better to simply link to the article!

Want to know more about copyright and the internet? Smashing Magazine has a great explanation of copyright worth checking out.

Ben Cope

YouTube – All Time Top 10 »

YouTubeOne of the top three ways to drive traffic to your website (according to Adam Ginsberg) is YouTube … and I couldn’t agree more!!

It’s time to start paying attention to YouTube! After all, YouTube receives over 41,000,000 monthly visitors.
Click Here to View the Complete Top 10 List of YouTube videos

All Things Web 2.0 »

Below is a list of “Web 2.0″ websites that I have come across (Click here if you don’t know what Web 2.0 is) … I will update this list as I discover new content, and you are always welcome to make suggestions by leaving a comment! Be warned, however … you could easily spend the next week going through all the information contained in the few links below!!

The Next Internet Millionaire »

Check it out:

Everybody’s Normal Till You Get To Know Them »

Are you using BlogCatalog? »

BlogCatalog is the premier blog directory on the internet! One of the reasons I like BlogCatalog so much is because it allows me to connect with my readers … I have even included a widget from BlogCatalog on this site so that I can see who my readers are (at least those who have taken the time to create their own profile at BlogCatalog).

If you haven’t created an account at BlogCatalog yet, what are you waiting for? BlogCatalog is a very powerful social networking tool that can help you create a true community around your blog.

Check out my profile on BlogCatalog and then sign up! You’ll be glad you did!

Ben Cope