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I’ve been doing a lot of bookmarking lately … actually, I’ve always bookmarked a ton of sites, and my organizing strategies have never kept up with the growing list of sites I’d like to revisit. In fact, I don’t even think it would be possible to visit all of the sites I have bookmarked even […]

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BlogCatalog is the premier blog directory on the internet! One of the reasons I like BlogCatalog so much is because it allows me to connect with my readers … I have even included a widget from BlogCatalog on this site so that I can see who my readers are (at least those who have taken […]

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How would you like to drive more targeted traffic to your blog? In addition to submitting your blog to to the blog directories, you should also consider implementing a social bookmarking strategy. Read all about social bookmarking on Wikipedia, and when you’re ready to take advantage of this strategy, use the links below to get […]